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    Corporate & Product Profile

    Fluidix, manufactures cooling fan assemblies for transformers and heavy industrial equipment, as well as oil filtering and conditioning systems for Transformers, Transformer LTCs, breakers, turbines, large oil cool compressors and other equipment.

    Fluidix has an excellent performance record and proven reliability for manufacturing quality systems and products. The Fluidixx success is attributed to talented, committed engineers and technologists with extensive product design, knowledge and experience. All state-of-the-art products have been engineered, manufactured and performance tested for dependability and long life. Using up-to-date design technology and manufacturing processes, Fluidix products are produced with quality materials and components. Only after extensive testing and quality assurance inspection, they are shipped to our customers.

    Fluidix offers an extensive inventory of products. Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and dedicated to meeting customer requirements and schedules.

    Cooling Fan Assemblies & Controls

    Fluidix forced air cooling fans (FAC) are designed for long and dependable service for use in cooling transformers and heavy electrical equipment. Fluidix fans are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are ideally suited for exterior use. The quality of Fluidix fans is evident in every component. Motors are rugged, totally enclosed, weatherproof, and designed for continuous duty. The fan blades are one-piece cast aluminium for durability, low vibration and low noise level.

    Oil Filtering Systems

    Fluidix oil filtering systems (OLF) extend the life of electrical equipment and reduce expensive maintenance. These filtering systems help to reduce downtime and equipment failures. During the equipment operations carbon and metallic particles are produced by the active parts. Fluidix filtration systems help to extend the life of the equipment by removing these particles and other contaminants from the oil without interrupting its operation. Fluidix produces permanent mounted systems as well as trailer mounted filtration systems. A series of portable oil filtration systems are manufactured for use on small transformers and voltage breakers in electrical substations and other areas where access to oil-filled electrical equipment is limited.

    Transformer Nitrogen Blanketing Systems

    Fluidix Gasinert Systems, are designed to provide positive or continuous constant low pressure inside the transformer tank by purging an inert gas (Nitrogen). The positive pressure prevents wet air, rain, snow or other contaminants from seeping into the tank. Wetness and other contaminants will eventually result in equipment failure.

    The Fluidix products are designed and manufactured for long life and dependability in all weather conditions with quality and proven performance second to none.

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